NimbleSchedule Mobile Timesheet Concept

The company I worked for, OhMyGreen, used the app, NimbleSchedule, for tracking our work hours; allowing us to clock-in and out from inside the workplace or on delivery routes. Over the course of using the app, one feature I noticed present on the web version, but not on the mobile, was the use of Timesheet. … Continue reading NimbleSchedule Mobile Timesheet Concept


Hi-Fi Mockup: Snap! iOS App

This was an exercise in creating a quick high fidelity mockup, which I then prototyped in InVision. Snap! was an idea for a Decision Making App I had when I was conflicted about what dessert to buy at the supermarket. The funny thing was I didn't get that dessert because I rushed home to open … Continue reading Hi-Fi Mockup: Snap! iOS App