Jumping Off

Since graduating from the University of the Cordilleras in 2012 with a Bachelors in Computer Science, I had always dreamt of becoming a digital artist, more specifically a storyboarder. After coming back from the Philippines to California, I witnessed first-hand how difficult an artist’s life was and even with the advances in rendering techniques and software, there was still the issue of steep competition. In order for me to thrive in the current economy, I had to adapt.

I turned my sights to alternative art, something business related. While still working retail, I happened to find an article about careers that were on the rise and read about User Experience Design. What interested me was the careful planning and research that had to go into a project before it reached UI designer and the close attention to feedback. I knew immediately this was the way to go; something close to the art of storyboarding, but with a more personal effect towards a single user or group of.

I could tell a story, control people’s interactions, plot their decisions, instill ideas and drive change for the better. I had to get into this field. And so it began…


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